A staggering 57% of data information breaches come from laptop theft. With spring and summer travel around the corner, here are few tips to keep your laptop and information safe.

A ‘Security Plate’ sticks onto your laptop. The idea is that if potential thieves can’t resell it, they won’t steal it. A unique barcode and note on the sticker informs onlookers that the device is protected with a chemically bonded tattoo that will appear should the sticker be removed. It reads “Stolen Property.” These are available for around $25.

There are also several locks on the market. These fit in the wedge type security slot on many laptop models. Another type of lock is a cable lock, available with a key or combination. These are also relatively inexpensive.

As always, use two factor authentication on your applications and encryption!

Check these and other devices to see what works best for you. Most are available online.  Give us a call if you have questions.

Safe Travels!

Photo by Skitterphoto from Pexels

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