A recent study may provide insights into why young women lose interest in STEM. STEM is an acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. The recent article says that “confidence in coding and programming wanes as girls get older, highlighting the need to connect STEM subjects to real-world people and problems, tapping into girls’ desire to be creative, and encouraging them at home and in school (Choney, 2018).”

The study suggests the following things to help support girls and young women in STEM:
1. Providing teachers with more engaging and relatable STEM curriculum.
2. Increasing the number of STEM mentors and role models.
3. Creating inclusive classrooms.

She also emphasizes how important it is to have a dad that “doesn’t coddle you, that encourages you to try new things. You have to inspire girls to try things that they may not be good at,” she says.

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