Thirty-four major technology companies have signed an agreement called the Cybersecurity Tech Accord, pledging to take steps to better protect their users. It also states the companies have agreed to stay out of any government-launched cyber attacks.

Some very big names in the tech world have joined in, including Microsoft, Facebook, Cisco, HP, TrendMicro and Oracle. Every level of internet communication is represented in this group, which is certain to facilitate their efforts.

Stephanie Condon writing for “Between the Lines,” says the Cybersecurity Tech Accord is comprised of four promises: “…to build stronger defenses protect all internet users around the globe;…to oppose any offensive cyber attacks; …empower people, businesses and developers; …to work together and with other private and public sector partners to mitigate threats.”

Read Ms. Condon’s full article here:…/microsoft-facebook-dozens-more-sig…/

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